Aidan McGartland

Baritone, conductor, musicologist

Aidan McGartland is an aspiring opera singer (baritone) and musicologist. He is currently in his Honours year at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, under the supervision of A/Prof. Elliott Gyger for musicology and Ms Linda Barcan for voice. Aidan’s musicological interests include the analysis and reception of 20th century musical modernism (especially Elisabeth Lutyens and Igor Stravinsky), the operas of Wagner, the study of counterpoint and French music at the fin-de-siècle.

Aidan is a keen performer of vocal music and has performed with a wide range of choirs and opera choruses, as well as solo recitals, in the vibrant Melbourne music scene. In 2018, Aidan co-founded a new music student-run choir at the Conservatorium, called Candlelight VOX. In 2019, he received a scholarship to study at McGill University in Montréal for six months. Languages are a related area of study, receiving a Diploma of Italian from the University of Melbourne in 2020. Aidan also learns French and Irish Gaelic. Beyond music, Aidan is also a passionate environmentalist, bushwalker and gardener.

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