Kirsten Milenko


Kirsten Milenko (b. 1993) is an Australian composer and conductor based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She works with vocal, instrumental and electronic media to compose music that echoes environmental phenomena and expressions of the human form. Working closely with movement, her music embodies a constant synergy between sound and motion to capture perceptions of space.

Milenko has received the Roche Young Commission 2021, awarded by Wolfgang Rihm, Artistic Director of Lucerne Festival, Switzerland. In March 2020, her opera/dance-theatre work ‘Dalloway’ premiered at Pulsar Festival. She has recently been shortlisted for the composition of a new opera at the Mannheim National Theatre, Germany.

Currently, she studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music under Niels Rosing-Schow, Simon Løffler and Jeppe Just Christiensen, where she will graduate from the Master’s programme in June 2020. During her Bachelor’s degree, she was awarded the 2016 Ignaz Friedman Memorial Prize by the Sydney Conservatorium of Music where she studied under Liza Lim, Natasha Anderson, Ursula Caporali and Rosalind Page.

She is an associate artist with the Australian Music Centre where a selection of scores are published.

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