Apollo Music society

Apollo Music Society is a music society at the University of Melbourne. We have a diverse range of ensembles open for anyone of all levels of experience to join!

From our humble beginnings as a small string orchestra, Apollo has flourished to become a well-established member of the cultural life at the University of Melbourne. Our membership includes students from all faculties as well as students from other tertiary institutions.

Since our inception in 2002, we have also seen the birth and growth of several ensembles such as our acapella choir Acapollo, a fusion band, choir, and a snazzy jazz band! Why not try us out?

What do we do?

We at Apollo strive to pursue two main goals, as embodied in the namesake of our society: Apollo, the ancient Greek deity of Health and Music:

Music: Yes, as a music society we do indeed make music! We aim to unite students together in their musical interests, enhancing your university experience while also making good friends!

Health: Playing music is healthy, and using our musical talent we promote health through music, by means of (but not limited to) holding concerts and donating to health-related causes, and performing at hospitals and nursing homes.

As a society, we have a variety of social events through the year whether it’s going out for a meal or drinks after rehearsal, excursions to chocolate factories or our biannual camps!

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