Tom D’Ath


Born in New Zealand before moving to Melbourne at the age of 5, clarinetist Tom D’Ath is currently studying a Master of Music (Orchestral Performance) at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, providing him with rich performance experiences with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Tom’s rigorous and diverse musical experiences through his childhood at Melbourne Youth Music and Eltham High School has given him the flexibility to enter any musical situation.

As an undergraduate at the Melbourne Conservatorium, 2018 saw Tom tour to Singapore and Shanghai with the University of Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, attend the Australian Festival of Chamber Music Winterschool as a part of Ensemble Contineo, perform as a part of the Australian National Academy of Music Orchestra, and commission and perform new Australian works as a member of six-four. Outside of Tom’s busy performance schedule, he maintains a small private teaching studio, and records audio and video for many of his colleagues.

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