Sean Quinn

Photo credit: Cameron Jamieson Photography

Composer, flautist

Sean Quinn is a Melbourne based composer who is currently in the midst of his Bachelor of Muisc (perf) at Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Since beginning his studies, Sean has been throwing himself into every opportunity to engage with the community. His desire to learn and create have driven him to write for unconventional instrumentations of recent, and to engage with chamber musicians in alternative ways. His works have been performed at various venues around Melbourne and in Tasmania by groups such as Allotropy! String Quartet – alongside works by Melbourne based composers Andrew Batterham, Luke Severn and Joe Chindamo – and Speak Percussion – as part of the TENOR Network Conference. He has planned commissions with a number of groups, including cycles for Duo Eclettico (biome tales), Olinda Quartet (morphonos), Forest Collective (thicket) and many more. Sean’s music is also being circulated around the Conservatorium, with planned premieres at recitals by a variety of instrumental students in the next 12 months.

Sean’s main compositional influences include music by Ligeti, Messiaen, Chin and Boulez; as well as American influence from the likes of Cage, Feldman and Wolff. Sean often thinks about space and place being more important that time in music, as it is relative to what occurs within it. He is also deeply influenced by the music of Australian composers Peter Sculthorpe and Ross Edwards.

Read Sean’s opinion piece ‘Experimental?’ here

Keep up to date with Sean’s composing adventures on Facebook here, on Instagram here, and his official website can be found here

Sean is the founder of chamber music ensemble Children of the Millennium, which focuses on performing works of the 20th and 21st Century. Facebook page here, Instagram page here

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