Alex Gorbatov

Photography credit: Julia Krivoshev

Tenor, co-director of Divisi Chamber Singers

Alex Gorbatov is an emerging tenor and choral director who pairs his music making with mathematical and analytical studies.

Alex’s choral journey began with Gondwana Choirs. After 11 years singing with Gondwana and other large choirs, he now primarily performs as a chamber musician and consort singer. Alex has appeared with Luminesce Chamber Singers, Polyphonic Voices, and with his own ensemble: Divisi Chamber Singers. Alex is also an emerging musical director. In addition to his work as artistic director of Divisi Chamber Singers, he has taken up the baton with Apollo Choir, Divisi, and recently appeared as an assistant conductor under Marianne Rigby-Black for the University of Melbourne’s All Staff Choir.

Alex is particularly passionate about creating opportunities that enable young musicians to perform and have their works performed. He works regularly with new composers and prioritizes programming of young Australian composers.

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