Stella Joseph-Jarecki

Photo credit: Rachel Brown Photography

Writer, editor, soprano

Stella Joseph-Jarecki is a writer and classically-trained soprano who is slightly fanatical about writing about music. She would love to work to break down the intimidating cloud which can hover above the world of classical music and opera for many young people. In 2018 she completed her Honours thesis on film scores of 1940s Hollywood films, focusing on the work of Erich Wolfgang Korngold, and is particularly interested in researching the relationship between music and drama. In October of 2019, Stella established Fever Pitch Magazine, an online newsletter for young musicians, music therapists, educators, composers and arts administrators.

Read Stella’s opinion pieces here:

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Mind Over Matter

Sometimes, I Don’t Even Like Music

Why I Will Always Believe in Opera’s Future


Why Pop-Music Shaming Is Crappy and Hypocritical

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