Grace Gallur

Soprano, conductor

Grace Gallur is a soprano, actor, and conductor drawn to work that chronicles small people in grand narratives and champions richly detailed inner lives. Across both music and acting, she is inspired by the catharsis that is gifted to an audience when they recognise a piece of themselves in someone else’s hands. As such, Grace commits herself to the challenge of blending strong vocal technique and a high-fidelity attention to detail with truthful acting and a vulnerable honesty.

Grace is the co-founder and co-artistic director of Candlelight VOX Chamber Choir, alongside Aidan McGartland, which they formed together in order to perform 20th and 21st century works. Highlights with Candlelight VOX include: conducting Paul Mealor’s Stabat Mater for choir and string ensemble in the May 2019 Ascension program at Our Lady of Mt Carmel; and curating November 2019’s PAUSE program at the Mission to the Seafarers’ Norla Dome. In 2020, Grace is thrilled to be joining forces with Divisi Chamber Singers to tackle Joby Talbot’s masterpiece Path of Miracles.

Grace has aspirations to complete postgraduate research in the intersection between operatic singing and 20th century acting pedagogy. She looks forward to bringing her excitement and curiosity to a career in both acting and classical music.

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